6 reasons to list your home this holiday season

You might not think the holiday season is the ideal time to sell your house, but before you decide to hold off, consider the following reasons that might make it the perfect time to put your home on the market.


1.  The holidays are busy for people so you can bet buyers who are active during this time are serious and ready to buy.

2.  Buyers who missed out during the spring/summer rush and are still looking for their dream home. Yours could be the one.

3.  Buyers being relocated need housing now. Companies hire during the holidays too and will probably want their new employees to start as soon as possible.

4.   Sellers thinking the holidays aren’t a good time to sell puts you in a great position with buyers because there are fewer homes on the market. Listings increase after the first of the year so starting now gets you ahead of the competition.

5.  Homes show better when decorated for the holidays. Make your house shine with holiday lights and decor. Just don’t go overboard. A little goes a long way.

6.  If you travel for the holidays your home will be easier to show. You can’t dirty dishes if you aren’t home so you have less prep for showings.


When you choose to sell is a personal choice that has to work for you. But if you are only holding off because you think the holidays are too slow and there are no buyers then you could be missing out on a great time to sell your home.