Tips for a Safe Holiday Home

Tips for a Safe Holiday Home

Hopefully the holidays are filled with all that makes your heart happy, but sometimes celebrating the season can put you at risk. Here are some tips to help keep you and your home safe and merry.

Fire Safety

Inspect and clean your chimney and furnace
Don’t overload outlets
Replace older holiday lights if frayed or cracking
If buying an artificial tree, look for a fire resistant label
If buying a live tree, look for fresh needles that don’t snap easily
Keep your tree watered and away from heat sources like fireplaces, candles, and portable heaters
Check that smoke alarms are working


Thieves target homes that look empty
Let a neighbor know if you will be traveling so they can keep an eye on your home
Stop your mail or have someone collect it along with unexpected packages, notices of delivery attempts, or free publications that get left on your door or tossed in your drive
Put lights and/or a radio on a timer
Have someone clear or make tracks in your driveway if it snows
Thieves often ring your doorbell to see if you are home before breaking in. Install a wireless video doorbell that
connects to your smartphone and allows you to see and talk to who rings your bell from anywhere

Holiday Shopping/Gift Giving

Your mail/packages are easy prey for thieves
Don’t place mail containing personal checks or gift cards in your mailbox
Have a neighbor pick up packages or request a signature so they aren’t dropped at your door
Check USPS, FedEx, UPS, and Amazon websites for safe drop locations and options
Beware of bogus shopping apps meant to steal your credit card info. Download apps from a trusted source like the
retailer’s site and don’t use the app if it doesn’t have reviews or only has a few reviews




Jacque Veney, Realtor