Love Your Back Yard

Spring is here. If your outdoor living area needs some sprucing up, enjoy a few ideas to make your back yard a cozy place to hang out.

Start with adding something overhead. Try a patio umbrella or go larger with a pergola. Curtains makes the pergola feel like an outdoor room and provide additional privacy. They’re inexpensive if you make them from canvas drop cloth and use electrical conduit for the curtain rods.

Fences make great neighbors, but don’t always make a great view. Solid walls blocks sight lines and can feel isolating so instead consider landscaping, a trellis, privacy screen, or combination of all three to get the amount of concealment you desire.

It’s still a little chilly so extend the outdoor season with a fire pit. Wood burning fires are nice but with a gas fire pit you have no dangerous embers, no smelly smoke, and no wood to collect which can attract termites and carpenter ants that like to dine on your deck or house.

Lastly, don’t forget the patio furniture. You can buy brand new, but if you’re looking to stretch your budget check out local online sale sites or auctions. You might pick up a real bargain, or if you’re willing to use sweat equity, turn a tired yard-sale find into something fresh and new with paint and pillows.

Happy projecting and enjoy!